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help..paint issue

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:beer:i just painted my roof hood and trunk lid on a mk3 jetta chalk board green and would like to know if any one has expirience with this paint as in if it would hold heat ? because i live in miami fl and its hotter than 2 squirls in a woal sock in the middle iraq again thank you.
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Not tryin' to be a diznack by any meens, but wouldn't that have been something you should've researched prior to using the paint.

Whether it'll hold or not, an answer isn't going to do you any good at this point.:laugh:

Any who. I don't know for certain, but if you preped and painted the surface properly, I don't see why the heat would have any negative affect on the paint.
hey i know it sounds kinda dumb but no one had an issue with it so decided to do it and also just wanted to get any feed back on the paint.
too late now, keep us posted. Also what brand did you use for future reference.
rustoleam (the home depot) 12.99 usd i would put up pictures but have no idea on how to.. :banghead::banghead:
and another project part am working on

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