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help please.....anyone?

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Reading through this forum I realized that the K-wire must be removed if an aftermarket sound system is to be installed.
I have also found the VW TSB that relates to that - all models 1999 and after.
My questions is as follows:
Does the same thing need to be done for the 2002 model? My came with the stock radio/cassette not the new in-dash CD unit.
Does anyone know?
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Re: help please.....anyone? (ALEXVR6)

Sorry, I don't know since I have a 2000. I'm just glad I found out about the K-Wire because I plan on putting an aftermarket head unit, too.
My guess is that if the wiring harness on your car matches the one on that TSB, then maybe it hasn't changed in the new model and you'll have to disconnect the K-Wire. Anyone?
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