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HELP please

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How do you bleed your brakes on your own?
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Re: HELP please (ronsGTI)

Open up all your bleeders and keep the master filled, when they are all leaking all over the floor your done P.S. don't let your master run dry!!!!
Re: HELP please (ronsGTI)

To bleed your brakes by yourself, I would suggest getting a tool similar to the Mityvac brake bleeder that Rocky Mountain Motorworks has.
Once you have this tool, start with the circuit farthest from the master cylinder, RR then move one circuit closer, LR and then onto the RF and LF in that order.
Make sure your master cylinder res is full, crack open the bleeder on the drum/caliper, use tool to suck the fluid through until you don't see bubbles anymore, close bleeder, move on to next drum/caliper. Just make sure to keep checking the master cylinder res so it stays full.
Re: HELP please (vwrabbit)

Why even bother with buying a tool so simple? Just take a clear bottle fill half full of brake fluid, stick a hose down to the bottom, stick the other end on your bleeder (after you open it) and pump your brakes (slowly) when theres no more bubbles your done !!!
Re: HELP please (junkyardpirelligolf)

notice it says by yourself...
i would like to see you pump the brakes and properly open and close the bleeder w/o one way valves...
Re: HELP please (PDX Cabby)

Look when there is a bottle of fluid hooked up to the bleeder, pumping does two things it blows bubbles when you push down and when you let up on the petal it draws in fluid
you don't open and close the bleeder when your pumping
BTW I can do anything by myself even argue, so if you don't understand, ask me, before you jump off in my stuff
Have a nice nice day!!
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