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I need your help .
I am the owner of a Jetta 95 GL, some time ago, it all started with a lack of power on the brakes, it took a long distance for the car to come to a complete stop when applying the brakes at max.
The mechanic at the local shop told me they needed to replace the rear brake pads, afterwards the problem persisted .
Brake power slowly degradated until one day they malfunctioned and scared the hell out of me, went again to the shop and this time they told me they needed to replace the servo-brake and the brake pump .
Afterwards, the brakes improved a little, you could feel the pedal was not stiff anymore when applying, but the brakes power somehow remained weak .
The servo-break and the pump are brand new original VW .
It takes about 40 yards for my car to come to a complete stop while going at 70 mph. which I believe it is very dangerous , specially if you have to stop immediatley in case of emergency.
However when going at lower speeds like 40 or 50 mph , the brakes are more responsive , I have talked to the mechanic and he said this is normal for ABS brakes .
I believe this is not normal and want to know if I should check any other part of the brake system like any sensors or other parts that might be causing this.
I am planning to take it to the dealer for a complete check but any hints would be appreciated.

Owner of a Jetta 95 "The love of my life"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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