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2013 vw mk6 jetta gli-Autobahn
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first things first. You really need to do an oil consumption test. Make sure to top off the oil level. Drive the jetta for a 1000 miles. Making sure to check the oil level after each 100'ish miles and log it. Only top off oil when 1 qt low. After the 1000 miles, how many quarts of oil did you need?? If only 1qt, then that is totally acceptable by vw standards. If two or three or more, then you have an issue that needs to be addressed.

agree, it certainly could be the PCV. However, 1 qt in a week (not sure how many miles you put on the car)...is extreme. So, I would remove all coils and spark plugs. Inspect the spark plugs for any wetness from the oil. Using a borescope camera, inspect each cylinder for wetness of oil. My hunch, is that one or more of the pistons has let go...and it could very well be burning off the oil. These cars are known to crack the piston from the bottom side, not the top. Where the piston rings allow the oil to flow by.

Lastly, it could be at the turbo. The wastegate could need attention.

Good luck...
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