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alright guys,
hopefully someone out there can give me some sort of insight into the handful of problems i am running into with my 2000 vr6 jetta.... 47K, everything is stock, MAF replaced at 30K, shifter rod about 42K after my dealership told me it was my "intake manifold bushings having too much play" and i laughed and replaced it myself after reading adg44's post about the shifter rod (thanks adg44)
1. the car's cel went off and i read it and it is p1137 which is Long Term Fuel Trim Add.Fuel,Bank1 System too Rich... so my mechanic told me to try a bottle of fuel injector cleaner, and after a 20 mile trip the cel went off.... everything is good ...
2. next week, after a fresh tank of gas, the cel light comes on again, i have it read and P1137 comes up again with an array of other codes all of which are air this or sensor that, most likely point to the MAF again....
now here is where it gets tricky...prior to this, during this past winter the car always seemed to have a real rough time at idle after starting up when it was cold and wet and it would almost seem that while i am driving, I would hit the gas and the car would rev up a little but wouldn't accelerate, but then all of a sudden, it would take off, slipping is the best way i can describe it. But after it warmed up, the car seemed to run fine up until now with my non-flashing cel issues.
So now here i am....
within the past 2 weeks or so the car has begun stalling/or rough idle while i am in neutral, and i can almost feel in the gas pedal like the engine is slipping, and now it is in all conditions and not just cold and wet...(obviously it is summer now!)
I have an appointment with the dealership for next week, but i would love to know if anyone has some insight into what the @#$% is wrong with my car...
fuel pump?, fuel pump relay?, coil pack?, fuel lines? just throwing out some ideas......
anyone's help would be greatly appreciated...

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Re: HELP!!! stalling, CEL, cold, wet start up rough, and engine slip (sviana)

My guess is you have two problems. The rich code (P1137) is probably due to a bad MAF, pre-cat oxygen sensor or fuel pressure too high (cleaning the injectors may have made it worse) or leaky injectors. Most likely it's one of the first two. If the dealer tells you it needs a new MAF, I suggest you tell them you'll replace it yourself. They charge $300-500 to replace one and you can replace it yorself in about 5 minutes for as little as $35 (by replacing the actual sensor in your car with one from a 2.0 VW - the part's are identical and have a 10x difference in price. See here for more info - http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=773176)
The rough start when wet is probably a cracked coilpack. This is a notorious problem on the 12v VR6 and occurs when the plastic cover on the ignition coilpack cracks and lets moisture in. This causes the coil to short to the engine which causes a misfire and the engine to run very rough. If this is the problem, it's actually a very easy fix. You can cover up the cracks on the coilpack with a little bit of JBWeld, a high temp. epoxy available from Home Depot, Lowes, etc. If you doa search for 'epoxy' or 'coilpack' you should find plenty of info on how to do the fix. Somewhere, there should be a link to a DIY with pics. The dealer will most likely tell you that the coilpack needs to be replaced (they don't repair parts and put them back in. Don't let them do this. They charge like $500 for parts and labor. You could do it yourself in like an hour or two (not counting epoxy curing time) and it'll only cost you the $4 for the JBWeld.
Hope this helps.
Let me know if you have any more questions.
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