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help, suspension question?? - it's my first time

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i have a 92 jetta GL - i am currently in the process of upgrading the suspension on it.
i have neuspeed sport (1.5" drop) springs and boge pro-gas shocks. So, I have these new parts and i have struts. My question is what else needs to be replaced?
The car has 144,000 miles - and i am pretty sure this is the first time anything in the suspension has been touched.
I have heard that the strut bearings are an important to replace? What about the bump stops and the rubber bearings on the rear. I haven't taken it apart yet, but can i expect these parts to be worn as well?
one more silly question. the springs are progressive (i got them used - no directions). i am assuming the tighter wound end goes on top? am i correct?
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Re: help, suspension question?? - it's my first time (planet01)

its always a good idea to replace the strut bearings and bump stops while you have it apart. And once you have it apart its really easy to tell how the springs go on. but yeah the tighter wounds go up top.
Good luck
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