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Help! Turn Signal on Bumper don't work!

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I just finished installing the 42nd Design clear markers. I installed one bumper marker and tested it. It wasn't working, neither was the other that had yet to be touched. The Side markers and the hazzards work fine everywhere (except the bumper marker/indicator). I tried the new bulbs (from 42nd) and the factory bulbs...nothing! It's a new car (only 2400 miles). Did I do something wrong? Any one have a quick fix?
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Re: Help! Turn Signal on Bumper don't work! (SarahFan)

They aren't turnsignals they stay on steady when the lights are on.
They don't blink ony the ones on the fenders blink.
Re: Help! Turn Signal on Bumper don't work! (SarahFan)

I think I figured it out, LOL. It's not supposed to flash, right? The markers are on when I turn on the lights. Silly me
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Re: Yeah

I figured it out a few minutes after a posted, LOL. How embarrassing

Anyhow, now I have another problem. I noticed the plastic on of of the clear markers isn't very solid. It bends/folds in if I apply pressure. Hmm, should I worry about it melting?
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