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help w/electrical

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okay, ive got this 81 rabbit pickup and all the electrical stuff doesn't work. it worked for about a month then all the lights crapped out. got new wires from an 82 rabbit 4 door, installed them an now ive got no spark to the starter. i already checked the battery. i need help to get this caddy back on the road
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Re: help w/electrical (vtroubleu)

check , re-check , and re-check battery , then get another one on stand-by !!!!

to test starter "road-side" you need :
1 set of jump leads
1 insulated screwdriver
connect jump from starter earth to battery neg ,
try ignition ,if no , try inserting screwdriver to short between starter "control" and starter "12v +"
if yes , bad earth , if no..........
..... connect jump lead from battery "+" to starter "12v+"
and short with screwdriver .
if no , bad starter/soleniod
if yes , remove screwdriver and try ignition key , if no bad ignition switch/circuit to starter .
if yes , remove lead from battery"+" , you should now be back to non-start , signalling bad lead from battery"+"

elimination !!!!

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Re: help w/electrical (ian c - U.K.)

well said http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif we need more responses to post like that
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Re: help w/electrical (wabit)

yeah , i'll leave the stupid replies until you guys know me better !!
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Re: help w/electrical (ian c - U.K.)

Are there any electrical books for A1s that are worth buying?
Re: help w/electrical (A1 Sauce)

robert bentley has original VAG wiring drawings
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