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Help w/ exhaust tips on new Jetta

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Help w/ exhaust tips on new Jetta:
I just installed the exhaust tips on my 2k2 Jetta, but they don't look right. Once installed, they look too low! And they are kinda pointed downward?!? I thought they were going to be closer to the bumper and only poking out a little. Is this right? Have you guys installed these and experienced the same thing?
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Re: Help w/ exhaust tips on new Jetta (1.8T_Boy)

What tips? Stock or Aftermarket? DTM? Straight out?
Re: Help w/ exhaust tips on new Jetta (1.8T_Boy)

I had the VW exhaust tips and had the same problem. I took them to a local exhaust shop (one that bends pipe) and for $45.00 the guy cut off a small part of the original exhaust pipe and a small part off the "tips" He then welded both together with the custom bent pipe and installed them to my specifications. Looks great, without the being too loud!
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