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I finally got to take my project Rado for a spin and let it warm to operating temp. It drove fine and then I parked in front of the garage for about 40 minutes. I then push it into the garage so I don't have to start it unessessarily. It didn't leak anything whie it sat in the drive way but the next moring I pushed it back out of the garage and their was a puddle of antifreeze, not huge, but big enough. So I jacked it up and looked underneath and I also saw that there was enough oil coming from around the seat of the oil filter that it covered half of the oil pan but not enough to make a SINGLE drip of oil on the floor. The coolant seems to be leaking from where it goes into the 'oil cooler' as the Bentley calls it. With these two issues so close together I wonder if they are related? And I used the factory Mann oil filter and this one was nice and tight.
Any Ideas!?

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