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Help! Window Problem

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Driverside window won't go down, passanger won't go up (broken regulator). when i press either switch, i hear something going on in the back of the car (vaccum pump?). Driverside window did work. I did have the cluster out to pull a bunch of loose wires from PO. Did i knock a wire, or did i just have two regulators go on me?
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Re: Help! Window Problem (SuperCorradoToBe)

Behind the interior panel on the driver's side next to the rear seat is the control module for the door locks and windows. That clicking you hear is the module tryng to send juice through a bad box. While your door locks are still working you should lay off the switch as continued use of the window switches will short out the module all together and then the power door locks will be switched to manual.
If you can find a module from a wrecking yard it's a pretty easy swap.
Be careful when taking off the interior panel.

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Re: Help! Window Problem (trueblue)

Should you ever hear that moduel making noise?
Re: Help! Window Problem (SuperCorradoToBe)

I had a window regulator out on the passenger side. heard that same damn vacuum noise you're talkin about. when i took off the door panel i found that the elbow that connects the door locks was off. the sound was the air coming out when i locked or unlocked my car. do you're door locks work?
Re: Help! Window Problem (SuperCorradoToBe)

bah... damn control modules.
Fix it yourself.
and here is the schematic for the relays
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