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i got this car a couple days ago for 50 bucks, it's an '84, which has cis.

but the wiring was all messed up. the fuel pump was "bypassed" by running a line hotwired into the ignition under the car and then into the fuel pump, the fan was bypassed the same way, and the starter and alternator wiring was missing.
looking at the diagrams, i'm pretty sure i can find the starter wire from the ignition, but moreso i have a problem with the alternator. it seems like it's a mk2 alternator maybe? it's just got 3 spade terminal outputs.
is this the original alternator, what's it out of if not?
and where does the harness for the alternator come out the firewall/route in the engine compartment?
thanks a lot in advance, pics would help.
if i don't get enough responses here, i'll probably cross reference this in the mk1 forum, but want to keep the cabby forum alive first.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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