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Hi all,
I'm currently installing a new fuse box in my girlfriends 82 Cabby. Its no big deal for me, but I have one question. Can someone please tell me what circuit is protected by each number fuse? For example...Fuse number 1=Heater fan
3=brake lights....etc.
I know my example is wrong, but thats the kind of answer I'm looking for. My Rabbit Bentley manual has been MIA since I moved a couple of years ago, and my crappy Chilton doesn't have this info. BTW, this is the early style, German fuse box.

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Re: Help with 82 Cabby fuse box (Al Canuck)

Al, if you have the ceramic fuses, here is the circuit function by fuse:
Fuse no. Circuit
1 Left Headlight low beam
2 Right Headlight low beam
3 Left Headlight high beam
4 Right headlight high beam
5 Rear Window defogger
6 Brake lights & Emerg Flasher
7 Interior light, cigar light & clock
8 Turn signals & signal indicator
9 Backup lights & horn
10 Heater fan
11 Windshield wiper
12 License plates lights
13 Right parking lights & right taillight
14 Left parking lights & left taillight
15 Radiator fan
Good luck, WWR.
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