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Hi Everyone,
I need some serious help here. I've got a 1999 VW Passat V6, with just under 35,000KM on it. I'm from Canada.
Anyway, since I've bought it the following problems have been bothering me. Here's a list of them. Maybe someone here can help me figure out what is causing them.
1) Trunk Lid and Side Panel Discoloured. - Repaired under warranty.
2) Radiator and Lines developed leak. Fixed under warranty. Dealer replaced the water pump as well.
3) Transmission doesn't shift when parked outside for about 3 - 4 seconds. If the car is parked indoors, shifts fine??? Dealer says it's normal???
4) Car idles rough after approximately 10 minutes of driving, when stopped at traffic light etc. - Dealer says, "Can't Pinpoint it!"
5) In between 50-60Km/H car shudders and vibrates. Anything under or over this speed, the car is fine??? If I go into tiptronic and downshift, car stops shuddering.
6) Ever since car had radiator replaced, alarm stopped beeping when armed. Now, car beeps when alarm is disarmed, not armed???
7) Ever so often, the little computer display where the time is, will show the temperature instead, and keeps jumping to that setting???
8) Once in a blue moon, my front speakers will stop working. I turn the radio on and off and everything is fine.
9) A constant ticking/clicking noise that comes from the passenger side engine compartment. - Dealer says its "Fuel Injectors and is normal!"

The dealer isn't really helping me out here, with the usual "Can't seem to pinpoint" "Bring it back when it happens."
Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong with the car?? I don't think I have lemon laws here?
The car is going in again on Monday, so I'd appreciate any responses before then.
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