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I replaced my original brakes(with about 81k miles on them) a few months ago I put about 4k miles on the new ones, brembo disks(oem style, no slots or crossdrill) and mintex redbox pads on all 4 corners.
Over the past 250miles the brakes have developed a terrible shake whenever slowing from highway speeds. it is less noticeable under 30mph, but still there.
I don't autocross, the car is a daily commuter, moslty highway miles with occasional hard braking, but nothing compared to how I abused the car when it was new.

I took each front wheel off, and on the right I can feel resistance at a certain spot and can see the rotor pulling slightly away from the outboard pad when rotating it by hand, so I assume they are warped.
What would be my best route for fixing the problem? get the rotors turned, or get another set of rotors?
either way, would I be better switching back to oem pads over the red-box ones? I'm not too concerned about cleanliness, the original pads seemed to work fine, I only changed because the mintex seemed to be so highly regarded.
1998 gti-vr6 "bone shaker edition"
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