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After sitting for a long time and having its battery drained my mk7 golf has some sort of flickering on the screen. I have seen other posts and videos where this was diagnosed as damage on the headunit. And while getting a headunit and having it programmed by a VW tech seems easy I don't live in the USA.

Where I'm from VW is charging me 4000$ for the part and there are no junkyards to go and find it. I could order it from the US but models of the MIB1 headunit are different and getting it programmed is a whole other issue as the VW techs aren't sure they can do it unless I buy the replacement from them.

The thing is, everything works, bluetooth, radio, sound. It just flickers. I'm pretty sure a power surge from the battery or from jump starting the car caused the issue and the solution might just be changing a broken component like a capacitor.

Has anyone got any clues on what I should do? Any diagrams on the electronics in a 5G0 035 819 - MIB1 VW Composition Media (Golf MK7)?
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