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help with heat!

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I was driving to school this morning and all was normal. but when I got to school, I noticed I wasn't getting any hot air anymore, and the temp gauge had gone up a tad. so, praying to the gods, I go to class hoping that nothing is wrong. so now I'm heading home again and I get heat, but then when I am stopped at lights, it starts to cool, and the gauge goes up a bit. It's wierd because, whenever the car is at a low rpm, the air gets cooler, but when I give it some gas, I get heat again.
The gauge is usually a little over half. this time it was right around 3/4. so I get out and check for a coolant leak, and nothing. so I loosen the cap on the overflow tank, and coolant bubbles into the tank, but is quite a bit under the minimum mark.
I just got the waterpump housing replaced a month ago, so I don't think anything is wrong down there again.
so, do you guys think that I'm just a little low on coolant and should just top it off?
help me please! and quick! Thanks
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Re: help with heat! (Fettes Brot)

YEp, you're low on coolant. If it still does it when topped up, it is clogged somewhere.
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Re: help with heat! (Batan)

Yah, I'd have to say you are low on coolant as well. just hope what happened to me doesnt happen to you
It turned out my waterpump area was leaking b/c 2 of the waterpump bolts broke, the other 2 were barely on (this was at the worst part where it became undriveable). and when you have no fluid going through heater core, you get no heat.
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Re: help with heat! (cerksies)

If you're not low on coolant then you're coolant is losing its heat absorption qualities. When that happens just turn the heat up to it's highest setting and set the fan to the number 4 position. You'll end up sweating like a hog but it'll keep your motor from overheating. This is a little trick I learned a while back from a friend. He told me "hey just turn the heat up to the max setting and it'll lower the engine's temp" But silly me I was too young and innocent to know what he was talking about. Turn the heat up to the max. Now how could I have missed that?
Re: help with heat! (JettaTournament)

ya, the bolts on my pump housing broke new years eve. it's all new jive down there now. I just topped it off, hopefully it's good to go now. thanks for your input folks http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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