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help with ko4

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I have a ko4 coming and i would like to know what else "needs" to be done, not what is a good idea, but what also "needs" to bo done to the vehicle when I install this.
One source says blow-off valve and exhaust.
Anyother "needs" or should that be o.k. and reliable.
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Re: help with ko4 (brock24)

I think you should find a new source! Honestly if someones trying tell you that you need a BOV they are kinda lying to you. You can run your oem programming if you wanted to even. I ran as fast as chipped APH beetles, the same car I have, with stock programming and boost levels. Honestly the only things that are required are the turbo and gaskets. If you start pushing the K04 hard, I would suggest a Downpipe to reduce EGT's and maybe lower IC pipes and an Intake.
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