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help with race gas question

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i want to try out my apr race program but the only place near me that sells race gas has it in 110 or higher not in 100 like the apr program needs, would i have any problems if i used like 5-10 gallons of 110 octane
please help i wanna try it this weekend
by the way its a 2001 gti 1.8t with apr 93 program and race 100 program

Modified by puffado at 8:02 PM 2-16-2004
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Re: help with race gas question (puffado)

Leaded fuel will ball up your O2s
Re: help with race gas question (puffado)

If they can get 110 t they can get lower. Just buy it buy the barrel. It's cheaper $200-$250 is a good range. Ask if it's vp or sunoco.
Re: help with race gas question (extremsplvr6)

Check back with the race gas guy and see if they have unleaded race fuel. If they do not have it in stock see if they will get some. Like extreme said you can get some bucks in the long run if you get a barrel.
Re: help with race gas question (puffado)

If it's 110 unleaded you can mix it with lower octane fuel to save money and achieve roughly 100 octane. I would say a 50/50 mix of 91/93 unleaded and 110 unleaded should put you right around 100.
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