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HELP with SC speeding ticket

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I got a ticket the other night in South Carolina. the cop clocked me doing 84 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. I'm looking for any and all advise that anyone has. I'm thinking of getting a lawyer. Thanks in advance for any help and I have been driving A LOT slower now, but I really don't need this on my record.
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Re: HELP with SC speeding ticket (brian1377)

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Re: HELP with SC speeding ticket (adg44)

First off, file for discovery. If the officer did not file the ticket within 24hrs, it can be thrown out immediatly at your araingment. (Check local laws) If that comes to no avail then you should supoena the person in charge of calibrating the radar/laser guns, as well as the acual paperwork. I have done this many times with very good results. I have gotten 5/6 tickets thrown out on the first day in court.
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