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My girlfriends old body 99 jetta 2.0 standard suddenly started cutting out at about 3grand not going faster then 15 without cutting out and coming back if the clutch was punched, suddenly started idling like a diesel, and vibrates a little, the engine codes read p0103 and p1580.
Based on my readings online this could be a dirty throttle body, or a clogged cat.
I know these are simple things to check, I'm looking for a DIY on how to clean the throttle body on this make and model.
If anybody has any experience with these codes they seem to be common when the jetta starts to **** itself in this fashion, I would love to hear what your problem actually was.
It recently died and I was unable to kick start it down steep hills, the guy who towed it home tried to jumpstart it and accidentally hooked up black to red and red to black for about ten seconds, related?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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