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Help with vacuum line??

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I'd read on some earlier post of how to fix leaked vacuum lines on the throttle body(to ECU and airbox) and that's exactly what happened to my C. Both vacuum line were old and crack at the tip and not attached to the throttle body. I did the poor man fix of snipped bout 3/4" off both tips and reattached back to the throttle body. It runs good now but I would really like to replace them both with new one. Can anyone here help me or direct me where to buy these hoses; size, spec, part # would also be helpful... Also, does the line that go to the airbox has to be a specific length as it would with the one that go to the ECU? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Help with vacuum line?? (CuRide)

i re did most of my vaccum lines and used clear lines i bought at home hardware.like 49cents a foot.they look great and work too
Re: Help with vacuum line?? (CuRide)

Almost all of the vacuum lines in the C are 3/16". I would get about 15' to make sure you have enough. The odball one is the large one going to the TB. It is a 3/8" line that is 36.5" long. The Blue/White one is 18.5" long, and the FPR to Fuel rail line (also 3/16") is 4.5" long.
I just bought high presure fuel hose, it should last a LONG time and you don't have to worry about crimps in the hose like the last posters clear plastic hose.
Re: Help with vacuum line?? (hallkbrd)

but dude be very carefull cause opn some lines the length is very very critical..example the one that comes from the computer
Re: Help with vacuum line?? (devistationG60)

I believe the proper lines are 3.5mm, 5mm and 9mm. The legnths? Alls I know is the ECU is supposed to be one meter which 39.?" I relined my car this past march and the only one I measured to spec was the ECU line. The others were done to fit and finish. I used heat shrink at the ends to stop the fabric from farying and to hold the lines tight. Works great and looks great.

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