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Ok so i disconnected my DRLs the other day on my jetta... (at least I think it was.. it was the yellow quick connect wire behind the fuse box). Anyway.. it worked fine for a day or so.. no DRLS...anyway.. tonight.. when i put my high beams on.. the drivers side bulb High Beam burned out (low still works). So i swapped the bulbs to see if the bulb was burned out.. or the wiring was messed up.. and it blew the high beam on the other bulb... my piaa superwhites!
... anyone have any idea whats wrong? im affraid to put in a new set of lights.. i dont want them to get killed again!
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Re: help! (vwcruisn)

i think you just have bad bulbs because i have never heard of this problom with disconnecting drl's nor has it happend to me and i have had mine disconnected for a long time
Re: help! (blkjettavr6)

to make things even wierder.. i put in my old stocks and they work fine.. i put the PIAAs back in... and if i pull the highbeams like 10 times.. they will come on for a second... but will go off again.. i dont understand it.. the stock headlights work fine
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