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On my way home from work tonight, about a half a mile away from my house i see a guy sitting on the hood of his rabbit. i pulled over to see if i could give him a hand, ( ya know its in the handbook that we need to help other volkswagens in need
i find out while giving him a ride home that its a 82 rabbit and that the tranny went on it. He says he doent know if he wasnts to get it rebuilt, and ya know i get a little nervous, thinkin hmm... is he gonna go buy a honda or somthing, cuz you know...if he does then hes walkin. he told me me how he had his car for 14 years and this was the only major thing that went and that he would never get anything else. that right there made my day...
Ryan Eckenrode
p.s. i ending up taking him liek 10 miles out of the way to his house
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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