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Greetings and salutations!

I know there is a search function, and I did use it, but my approach is different. Which leads me here to do the one thing I didn’t want to, ask for help.

I was fortunate enough to come across a smoking deal on a 2008 R32 with a “bad” mechatronics unit, @ 207k. PO said it was working intermittently, but it drove on and off the trailer with no issues. Other then that it has not been driven at all. I intend to inspect/diagnose/fix the mechatronics unit before starting the next step- Pulling it all out.

I agree with the thought that the MK5 R32s lack of a manual is unfortunate, and I know that a couple people have done it to some degree of success, but the major hurdle is with coding the Auto ECM for Manual. Manual R32 ECMs are hard to come by and cost prohibitive in my opinion. 1200 for an ECM is almost half what I paid for the car. Enter option 2 - MK2 3.2 TT Quattro. Yep, gonna swap the whole damn thing.

I have picked up from a 2008 3.2 Quattro-
6 speed manual
Transfer case
Gauge Cluster
Complete Wiring Harness

I Expect to need-
3.2 TT Flywheel
Master/Slave cylinders w/ lines(?)
Pedal Assembly(?)
Floor Shifter/Shift Box(?)

Things I am considering-
Replacement 3.2 motor

I am assuming I can use a M/S Cylinder and lines for a MK5 6 Speed or a TT, is this correct?

From the homework I have done, it looks like each pedal mounts independently on the MK5, so I should only need a manual clutch and brake pedal right? As opposed to a manual cluster vs auto cluster?

This one is where I am really needing some help, MK5 or MK6 GTi Manual Shift box, or TT? The TT Cables the right length? I assume that it being AWD doesn’t matter to the shift box, please tell me if I a wrong? Can I use a MK6 shift box?

Thanks in advanced, and if you can let me know of anything I have overlooked that would be awesome.
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