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after much debate here on the vortex and with others of you through im`s i called msd and heres what they had to say
msd ignition boxes will not work with hall effect distributors that are unamplified wich the corrado g60(digifant 1) does infact have HOWEVER they will work with the corrado`s computer and here is why
the way the digifant 1 is setup is that the signial going to the distributor is unamplified but that signal goes to the ecu from the distributor where it gets amplified and then goes to the coil, this is where the MSD box is to be connected (between the ecu and the coil)
this was info was relayed to me from MSD if there are any more technical questions ill do my best to answer them but if i i dont have the answer i would suggest calling the MSD tech lines
the digifant 1 is one of the few ignition systems that will work with the MSD ignition systems that do not have a unamplified hall effect distributor ...and this is the reason i believe there has been some confusion on wether or not they will work with or cars
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