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here's why i'm mad at the service station:

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ok, this will be kind of long, but i'm pissed, and feel like typing it. you were warned.
this starts back in june, when i got my car inspected. here in NJ, we have to pass a pretty stringent emissions test. anyway, my NOx reading was 2,922, and passing is 1,577. so i posted here about how to fix it. you guys said tune up, new cat, leave the radiator fan running... etc. i decided to take it to the foreign car place [who shall remain nameless... but they're on rt. 206 in somerville, if you're from around here]. the place came highly reccommended, so i figured it wouldn't be a problem.
i told them to make it pass emissions, fix the idle problem (it jumps around, up, down, up, down), and fix the rear brakes (they were leaking). they give me an estimate, and $800 later, my car is set up with a new cat, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, left tie rod (was apparently messed up), and the brakes were fixed, along with a full tune up. i have my mom pick it up because i'm at school, and it sits at my house, for about a month before i can come home and take it out.
now... here's where the trouble starts. i start it up and rev it a bit to clear out the cobwebs. i notice a vibration at 2100 rpm. "ok, i'll have to adjust the cat shield so it doens't vibrate against the car." i think to myself. no biggie. i take it out for a spin. i notice a big ass clunking sound when i rev it or let off the gas in the lower gears. seems like an engine mount problem to me. check out this other post about that here. i drive around a bit more. the engine temp is waaaaaaaay high i notice, after only like 10 minutes. so i put on the heater, full blast, hot. cold air. i realize what's going down, pull over, and put in the extra gallon or so of coolant/water mix that it needed to be full because they didn't have the engine running when they filled it up. so i continue along. i stop at a couple stop signs, lights, and i notice this terrible odor. just like the kind that you smell from a car with an effed catalytic converter. so right about now, i'm pretty pissed, because my car stinks! i got out to see if i could smell it outside too, but it was only in the car i think. it was weird.
now, for the best part. drum roll please...
i took it to be reinspected. the NOx score this time: 3,528!!!!!!

it did 600 points worse this time!!!! i am so pissed!! the way that i see it, i am down $800 with a car that is in the exact same condition it was in before.
i don't know what to do about this. do i take it back and yell? do i take it back and say "fix this please", or what? suggestions, please, before i [just kidding]burn down the service station?

oh yeah, they didn't fix the idle problem either.

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Re: here's why i'm mad at the service station: (acafounder)

move out of jersey!!!!

i would definitely go back and make a big stink. hopefully they will back up their work.
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Re: here's why i'm mad at the service station: (acafounder)

The previous poster suggested making them stand behind it. I say no.
Here's why.
They already proved they are at least lame and possibly dishonest.
Do NOT give them another chance to screw you.
Here's what I would do.
1. Research the small claims court rules in your state, you need to know what the official procedure that you need to follow is.
2. Go to the shop, tell them how they screwed up and DEMAND a REFUND
3. When they refuse, hand them your official demand for a refund
4. Go directly and FILE in SMALL CLAIMS COURT.
There is absoloutley (sp) no reason to screw around with these jokers.
Go to court prepared with a list of what happened
what condition the car was in
what you told them to fix
what condition the car is in (how you found it)
be thorough
Good luck,
fat biker
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Re: here's why i'm mad at the service station: (acafounder)

That is messed. I hope it works out for you. One small thing is you should've gotten someone to get it inspected right after that. Not pointing fingerr, I'm just saying is all because they might refuse because it's been a month
Re: here's why i'm mad at the service station: (eastcoastdubs)

Check your receipt carefully, including the back of it. State laws may provide for a warranty on the repairs. In California, all the receipts I've had from both VW dealers and from independent shops indicate that there's a 12 month, 12K mile warranty on the work and parts that were done.
Re: here's why i'm mad at the service station: (acafounder)

O.k. Here is what I would do:
Go in there with a notebook and ask them everything they did to your car, ask them to explain in detail what they did and how it should have affected your car. Write it all down for documentation. Explain to them that you feel nothing has improved on your car, but only worsened. Do you have reciepts or anything from both emissions tests? maybe you could get them? if you have them show them to the people at this shop, and then like Fat Biker suggested, hand them a typed up demand for a refund. Tell them that you damand a refund. When or if they refuse, tell them that the only choice they leave you with is to go talk to your lawyer (mom's dad's whatever, as long as it sounds good) and that they will be taken to court.
Then when you leave document everything that went down, and document when the work was done, how they treated you, etc...
If they don't give you the refund I too would most certainly take them to small claims court. In small claims court you don't need a lawyer, you just state the facts. The only thing you have to lose is a $25 filing fee, but $800 to gain, plus your troubles.
Let me know how it goes. Good Luck. Diana
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