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Hesitation on highway

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I have a strange problem with my '91 GTI/8v. When highway driving, I occasionally get a somewhat severe hesitation like I'm not getting enough gas. It only happens on long trips(over 200 miles). This has never happened when I'm driving in the city. I've found that if I kick it down a bit when this happens, the problem will subside for a bit, but will usually reoccur. This will go on for a while, then mysteriously go away. It happens both when I have the cruise on, and when it's not engaged.
Any ideas??
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Re: Hesitation on highway (tperk)

I'm on a plug wire kick. how old are your wires? sounds like a medium load midrange RPM miss.
Re: Hesitation on highway (lotus7)

if it seems like youre not gettin gas..... has your fuel filter been chaned lately?..........i know it sounds simple, but thats exactly what happened to me when i ws drivin hom from montana. i pulled off, bought and changed the filter. it was super heavy and the gas poured out all black.
i had just bought the car from a dealer..........youd think theyd do simple maitenance like that before sellin it
anyways, its a cheap fix, so give it a shot

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Re: Hesitation on highway (blackvr666)

quote:[HR][/HR]...youd think theyd do simple maitenance like that before sellin it
anyways, its a cheap fix, so give it a shot

LOL, YOU THINK THAT USED CAR DEALERS DO SIMPLE MAINTENCE?! LOL That will be a cold day in hell! Most car dealers only do the bare min. You can sometimes find a individual in the paper (who has a dealer permit, or license, but is not an actual storefront car dealership) who will do this simple maintance you speak of, but that is rare.
I have a friend in Arvada who does this to some of his cars (but not all, they have also sent out some cars that are in not that good of shape, really cheap, but in not that good of shape.), he has throwin' new brakes and a ton of other parts from a totaled car onto a car that he is selling in the paper and done a ton of maintence to make it really nice and relaible and he still sells the cars at decent prices! He only does this when it happens to work out for him, but he usually tries to keep a good reputation. (he has people that are loyal purchasers of his nicer used cars too, go figure, people are willing to buy a reliable car from a mechanic that has been recently maintenced and checked out)
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Re: Hesitation on highway (tperk)

I'd say do the fuel filter first as well (if it's not new).
Check the hot air pick up.
It could be a bad ground wire on the ecu or engine loom.
Fuel pump relay.
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