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hey daemon42 and other susp. wizards

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i want to get those cheesy "coilovers" to match my koni adj. i was wondering though are real coilovers the spring rates are they a single rate like "ground controls" or are they like regular sport springs they have different rate coils, i forget the word right now but like my H&Rs have some real think coils and a couple coils wound real close" dead coils" or whatever, i have H&R race with koni adjustables, but i think like ground controls or some other "coilovers" mated to my koni's will handle better on a track then my current setup, what do you guys think
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Re: hey daemon42 and other susp. wizards (mr Paul)

Re: hey daemon42 and other susp. wizards (mr Paul)

It's a bit tough trying to figure out what you want, actually, and I'm
not really in a position to answer advanced questions about coilovers.
However, some general comments.
The springs you're talking about with some coils wound really
close together, may actually be linear rate springs. They just
have dead coils to make the springs fit in a specific space.
For different applications they can cut off more or less
of the dead coils. The spring below the dead coils
may be linear or progressive, but there may be no way to
tell from looking.
Progressive springs are softer during the first part of their
compression, then the soft coils bind up (they didn't
start that close together), and the higher rate part of
the spring takes over. This allows the spring to soak up
small bumps in a comfortable manner, and control
larger motions of the car during braking, cornering,
with a higher rate.
I *think* you were trying to ask. Should you use the springs
taken from true coilovers and put them on your adjustables.
I have no idea. Sorry. At least make sure they have matched
rates if you're going to experiment. The problem is coilovers
are already optimized for a particular spring/damper combination.
Sounds like you're trying to change that. It will be *sub* optimal
but it may be acceptible.
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