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I thought I should finally create a members profile. Here it is.

Car is a 2000 Jetta VR6 GLX with a touch of OEM+ class. Modifications done so far include:
European CCM
Diebstahlwarnanlage (DWA - electric alarm siren)
Aero Wipers (arms and blades)
OEM 337 side skirts
Alarm override of door lock cylinder
OEM Euro Split-vew / Wide-angle mirrors
OEM GPS Shark Fin antenna
OEM Ambient interior door handle lighting
Ambient footwell lighting
Euro Parking lights
Window/sunroof open/close via remote
Black grill
Magnaflow cat-back exhaust
Black headliner, pillars, and interior trim
OEM HIDs with auto-leveling
OEM headlamp washer system
H&R Street Performance coilovers
04+ GLS tailights
Euro red "VR6"
Audi TT short shifter
Euro R32 DSG intake piping
Euro blue-tint photochromic glass
Euro MKV R32 Zolder rims
10mm front & 20mm rear spacers
Fahrerinformationsystem (FIS) Cluster
4Motion Front/Rear valances
European black textured rubstrips
Front Beetle headrests
263 degree Cat Cams
R32 front brakes with Hawke HPS pads

I just need to get the 4Motion valances and washer caps painted, then I'll install them. Future mods to come:
Skoda Superb power-folding exterior mirrors
Audi auto-dimming & compass mirror
Homelink visor
Euro Passat W8 burr-walnut steering wheel
Euro sound system

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Re: (andrewL30723)

Thanks for all the compliments!

Quote, originally posted by andrewL30723 »
are the wheels exors?

They're Euro MKV R32 "Zolder" reps. Similar to the Exors.

Quote, originally posted by automan89 »
what tires are those? the treads look pissed off

They're Linglong L688's. A cheap tire, but they've been fantastic in the wet and dry and have far exceeded my expectations of them.
Quote, originally posted by Moofluffen »
lol that's my photo location! Looks good http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

Can we share?

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Re: Hi, I'm Dallas. (BoostdIndigo)

Quote, originally posted by BoostdIndigo »
Clean ride. More info on the power folding mirrors please.

The Skoda Superb mirrors look identical to the MKIV mirrors, except that they're power folding and have LED puddle lamps in them. I'm working on creating a MKV-esque Coming/Leaving home function and want to tie the puddle lamps into the system.
Quote, originally posted by Dr.Frag »
He is obviously going for the Eurospec inspired build, therefore the black rubs work quite well. Nice mods, Im in search of a few of those myself. OEM+ http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

Danke schön! I didn't install the textured rubs just because they're Euro - I quite like the contrast they provide. Plus every MKIV I see around here has painted rubs. Now mine stands out just a bit.
I replied to your IM. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

Thanks again for all the compliments people, it's nice to be appreciated!

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