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So today I go fire it up today
and decide to pull the ISV hose off the intake tube
plug both the hole and hose with my hands and the ISV
is sucking my glove off my hand! The idle comes right down
to where it's supposed to be. So it looks like I'm
gonna browse the classifieds for an ISV.
BAD news is that I appear to have
WHITE smoke comin out the tailpipe
when the car is idling at like 3k rpms.
and inspection of the exhaust tip, there's
literally wetness! Sooooooo I'll check the oil for crud later
but I"m thinking that when the cabby overheated that day
I either blew the headgasket, warped the head or both?
white smoke is blown head or warped head right?
well I'm off to have some fun and get away from the cabby
I may just take it off the road for a while till I can get it
all together properly... enuff of this half fixed state.
Maybe I'll look for a ported and polished head... hmmmm

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Re: High idle problem is my ISV, I think (exboy99)

Unfortunately white smoke is coolant in the engine as you know very well.....
Take your time and fix the car. You still have a few months untill summer...

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Re: High idle problem is my ISV, I think (Black_cabbie)

it's totally summer already.
I'm hoping that the gasket is leaking.... not blown
and the head isn't warped.
my hope is that I'll rock it through the summer
and then over the winter port and polish the head
put in a nice set of cams and then it'll be all set
for next summer with more HP.
I'm gonna put a wine cork in the hose for the ISV
and see how it runs. every time I go to work on
it I'm always on my way out and honly have like
20 minutes then I'm like....hmmmm, well gotta
run but I think I made a little progress.

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Re: High idle problem is my ISV, I think (exboy99)

so today I ripped the tip of a fingernail off....
... yes it hurts.
Ok but back to the cabby.
So I got an ISV to replace the one
on my cabby right now..... but it has
a smaller 2 prong plug than the one on their now
so instead of replacing it I shot it up with carb
cleaner..... and got it back on, so the battery is charged,
the voltage regulator is replaced..... I fire it up and
clearly there is something WRONG with the Throttle Body.
Like I can't even move the throttle.... so I took it off
clenaed it up good
and lubed it up.... finally it is moving again,
not sure how it was so crudded up but
bad news was there were like white spots
of crud and they were also in the intake....
so finally it fires up and runs pretty good
kinda sounds lumpy though, I can rev it and
it smooths out but I'm not happy about it
I have a hiss coming from the coolant system
AT the fitting that runs from the old radiator
to the overflow, on my radiator it's like a brass
fitting that's tapped into the radiator. Not sure
about any more leaks yet.
so while it was running rough I looked down
at the voltage meter..... it bounces with music
and drops with heavy loads like the rear defrost
and blinkers also. so that sux..... the alternator
is now suspect.
I'm gonna replace the gauge cluster...
hopefully that'll go ok.... I can only imagine
what else can go wrong.
I'm still getting white smoke when I start it
up and get it close to warmed up so I'm
pretty sure I need to do the head gasket
and maybe I've warped the head? How do you know
you've done that? The head gasket job doesn't work
I guess is a good indicator eh? I think I'm gonna
do the timing belt also since I'm gonna have to
take it all apart.... maybe I'll do the waterpump
also.... or a VR swap since they seem to be all over the place
AHHHHHH I want that exhaust fixed and the top ON
and the motor to be solid!

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Re: High idle problem is my ISV, I think (exboy99)

Tuesday update
OK so I got home from work and start it up
sounds terrible.... like a cylinder isn't firing
so I start pulling plugs.
1 is ok
2 is ok
3 is ok
4 .... well the one closest to the distributor
is totally soaked in OIL. Ahh HA!
no wonder it's not firing well. So I whipe it off
and re'install it, not much of an improvement
so I pull out the plug and put it on the plug wire
fire it up and it is sparkin.....
so I put it back in and it seems to run a little smoother
but still not right. I pull it out one more time and
by now the radiator hiss I can hear... remember that leak?
well when I pull the plug the last time... I can hear a hiss
from INSIDE the cylinder!
It's Settled. I need to do the head gasket.
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