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High Performance Clutch Set: WHICH ONE???

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hey all, I finally wiped out the rest of the clutch on my '86 GTI, so it's time for something worthy!
What everyone using as far as clutches go? I will not put a Sachs standard clutch disc w/ 16v PP setup in there, but was thinking more like the Sport clutch disc, w/ a 16v PP... anyone have any experience w/ similar setups? I don't want to go for anything solid (unsprung), but do want as much holding power as possible! What options do I have as far as brands?
Now what about prices, and places to buy... Please help me out if you've got any opinions, experiences, suggestions, etc.. thanks!

BTW: I've got an 8v tranny in there!
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Re: High Performance Clutch Set: WHICH ONE??? (DrewBuiltVW)

Clutchmasters Stage III all the way. $495 list. holds up to 350 HP, its not a race clutch/puck design either. That's the kit we've got in El Jeffe, I think the Rabbit is just going to get the Sachs sport clutch kit (since its running a VL tranny)
The Sachs sport clutch is $440.
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