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High-quality Tire install shop in nj?

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I need to get a set of 16" Mille Miglias mounted to a set of 225/40/16's.
I don't trust any of my local wheel shops, they've managed to F up every other mount and balance I've brought their way... I realise these arent the biggest wheels ever, but they couldn't even put a set of directional 195/50's on my wheels correctly--- even AFTER I told them to pay attention to the direction of the tire. They looked at me like I was nuts...
The only people I trust is Auto Addictions, but they're all the way in Allentown, PA (over 1 hr drive).
Is there anybody in the area with a good wheel machine (the one that doesn't chew up the wheel) and good technicians? I live in Somerville, so I'm in the middle of NJ.
Thanks! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: High-quality Tire install shop in nj? (vortexblue)

ttt-- need to get these done by Sat... Anybody?
Re: High-quality Tire install shop in nj? (vortexblue)

Nobody in NJ ever gets tires mounted and balanced?
Re: High-quality Tire install shop in nj? (vortexblue)

There was a place I went to years ago that was up off 80 (I believe)somewhere. The owners were big in the NJ Porsche club (maybe ask there?). It was so long ago that I can't remember the name of the place, and I sold the car and gave away the receipt. Sorry.
Edit: Just did a search. Found the name through the Northern NJ Porsche club web site. I'm 99% sure this is where I went:

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Re: High-quality Tire install shop in nj? (Cooper)

Maybe a little late. Installer list in tire tech at top of the forum.
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