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Higher compression

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Anyone raise the compression on their G60's
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Re: Higher compression (smknpipgras)

There won't be too many. Reason being, the gas out here (in CA) sucks. And most of the chips on the market advance the timing so much, that car can ping on less than 15psi. If you're pushing 15psi or more, and only running 91 octane...then I wouldn't raise compression any more than 8:1.
If you have access to better gas, and you can fine tune your software to take advantage of it...then you might be able to raise it slightly (8.5 or 9:1). I'm sticking with the stock 8:1 though.
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Re: Higher compression (URIN 2ND)

9:1 when the motors done
Re: Higher compression (SSj4G60)

same here..can't wait to get it all together
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