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Highway Driving

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I have a DSG tranny and i was wondering why i get bad mileage on the highway. When i am cruising at about 70-80mph.....my rpm's are usually between 3 and 3.5k. Is this normal? Its as if i wish i could shift one more time ya know? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Highway Driving (suburbanlife866)

What is your mpg, and what is the current milage on the car. Many people are complaining of poor gas milage the first 2-3K, but large improvements follow. For my first 2K I was only getting @ 20-23 mpg hwy (but there were few occasions I did substatial hwy driving), currently well over 3k and am getting 28.5 mpg during the same conditions you cited. 3000 rpms sounds about right for 80 mph in 6th.
Re: Highway Driving (suburbanlife866)

80mph should be just a hair over 3k RPM, shouldn't it? Unless you're going up a hill. I got ~33mpg from Richmond, VA up to VT a few weeks ago. They were miles 4k to 4.5k, and I was filling up at a half tank with alternating 89/93 octane. I have three pedals, so you can probably ignore my numbers. Helpful aren't I?
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Re: Highway Driving (Biggie_Robs)

Thanks for the help. At least this is normal. And i just broke 3 thousand miles on the car a few days ago.....and this is my first long-period trip on the highway, bout 45min, so the car isnt used to much highway driving. Glad to hear that things will probably improve. Thanks
Re: Highway Driving (RyanA3)

lol kk, exactly what mine looks like....thanks a lot for the help. I will see if my mpg changes on the highway once i get some more miles on the car.
Re: Highway Driving (suburbanlife866)

Were you running the Air conditioning? at 80 mph, I get about 24 mpg with the A/C on, and closer to 28 with it off....
only 1500 miles on the car so far.

there are SEVERAL threads on this topic. Yes, it will improve after 2-3k. You will end up very satisfied.
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