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Hello guys.. I need advice for my problem.

I own 2018 seat leon 2.0 tdi (70.000 km)

1) The official dealership change this winter to my winter tyres (ts860) 17 inch original wheel.
2) i noticed slight vibration on acceleration on highway at 120-130 kmh
3) I noticed bad front passenger strut (leaking oil)

4) I bought rotiform RSE 18 and dunlop sport maxx rt2 tyres
5) The vibration was amplified (more violent then on original wheels)

6) Change suspension to KW street comfort + alignment (still vibrate)

7) Change both cv axle with SKF axle (brand new, 450 eur with labor) - still vibrate

8) Rotiform 3x balanced, then balanced on hunter road force, still vibrate at 120-140 under load (and also other high speeds), start from 100

9) Put original wheels back on, still vibration but less violent (probably because less weight or smaller diameter etcc,..)

10) Spigot rings are aluminium 57.1 -72.60 (fit ok) , when bolts are tight, spigot can spin inside on hub but it is fairly tight (no big play in it)

11) Checked tie rod for play, checked ball joint for play, all tight fit, no movement

12) I even tried with plastic ones, but the feeling on aluminium is better (still vibrate)

We cannot figure it out whats the problem. Any advice ??

Could be engine mount , transmission mount ?? Really dont know where to check next...

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Had the same issue with my altea BKD.
Only happened on the speed range you've mentioned. Bought new brake disc + pads.
Vibrations stopped. Think its worth a try.

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