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Hit a deer :(

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Last weekend I hit a deer coming off the freeway. I was going 65-70 when I saw it, probobly hit it at 45-50.. Launched the deer about 200 ft (literally) and f'ed up my car all sorts. Still waiting for an estimate. So far the obvious damage is, both headlights, hood, bumper, grill (rear support. grill, badge), Radiator, radiator support, ac condenser, fender supports, Anniversary GTI badge went flying (searched all over that damn freeway), front bumper support.. and I think that might be it.. But I've been pretty upset about that. Since the body will no longer be original I want to replace some OEM with aftermarket. I really want a notchless Carbon hood, badgeless grill and some hella angel eyes. Does anybody know of a good vendor for theses items?
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Re: Hit a deer :( (VR6TurboProject)

Do a search bro, most of the things you want should come up
...well thats the obvious reply. What I was asking is if you guys might have seen a particularly good price on these parts. There's places all over that have these parts, I'm looking for a good deal and a solid vendor that isn't going to **** with me. Also, 90% of the carbon hoods i see are crap, I want a good looking high quality notchless hood, not some pos thats not going to fit right and start flaking clearcoat a month after its installed
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