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HKS SSQ Universal BOV

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So far, I have been reading a lot about BOV's and it seems like only the ECS one works. Anyways, I am curious if ECS is running the HKS SSQ Universal BOV and also if it is, what is the part #, if anyone else has it. From the ECS site, they offer a DV/BOV recirculation kit, is that the kit to install the HKS SSQ Universal BOV? what else is needed? the plug for the intake piece? is a flange needed to plug into the intercooler pipe? couple hose clamps and a small hose? thanks.
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Re: HKS SSQ Universal BOV (houstonspeedfreek)

How much do you tighten the nut on the BOV? From pics it looks like it's tightened to the second thread. Is that right? I'm in the middle of putting mine on.
EDIT - nevermind, I talked to Tom at ECS and everything is fine. It was a snap to install, and all of the HPD bike cops on training today heard it when I blew by the park they were in.

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