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hmm...... interesting

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Gr N Mk IV liteweight headlights (word doc)

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Re: hmm...... interesting (16v)

Nice, I would buy those just to keep the lenses from breaking.
But, then again, I can by to sheets of headlight film for $35 CAD.
Re: hmm...... interesting (16v)

quote:[HR][/HR]To reduce the weight of the car we have lightweight headlights available. These headlights have plexiglas headlight covers, instead of the original ones which have covers from glass. A set of these headlights weigh approx. 2 kg less then the original headlights.
Please contact our sales department for prices and terms of delivery with the indication of partnumber G4H 998 017.
Interesting to see what they go through just to shave off one kilo here and another there.
Re: hmm...... interesting (PerL)

Polycarbonates (PC) are readily used in automotive lighting, and eyeglasses.
I'm willing to bet, the US lights use a PC lens. I know the instrument cluster needles are PC.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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