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homelink LED not blinking - dealer less than helpful...

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at my 15K service i told the dealer that, with the car ON, the LED light does not blink when you press one of the homelink buttons. i haven't used it yet but i'm about to get a garage door opener for the new house (finally!!
) when i first got the car i would periodically tap the buttons just for the hell of it and the light would flash. no flashing now. but the dealer said if i don't presently have a garage door opener programmed, there's no way for them to test the functionality of the whole system.
my questions are: 1) there obviously is a problem. the LED does nothing now. 2) even if i did have something programmed in and it wasn't working, how would they verify it anyway??? if they have a "test" garage door or something they use, couldn't they just program my homelink to check it's operation. why couldn't they do this even though i don't have an opener programmed in myself?
the manual doesn't say anything about reseting homelink. i've tried to "erase" even though there aren't really settings in there but no change. as always any feedback would be appreciated. tks....

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