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2008 Jetta Wolfsburg, 2009 CC Lux, 2017 CC R-Line
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My 2009 CC Lux has HomeLink buttons integrated into the driver side visor.
My 2017 CC R-Line has no HomeLink buttons.
When I asked my local VW dealership's parts 'expert' about adding HomeLink, they were first confused that it wasn't an included feature in the R-Line trim. I asked if I could retrofit a HomeLink-enabled visor into the car. They checked the parts catalog and said none of the HomeLink-enabled visors were marked as compatible with my VIN. They thought maybe the HomeLink had migrated to the rear-view mirror in recent model years, but since my car came with a "frameless" mirror, that wouldn't leave any room for HomeLink buttons.
Interestingly, at this point, they suggested I turn to the VW Forums for help (ha!)

I did find this "frameless" mirror which does have HomeLink buttons underneath. The parts.vw.com page says it's compatible with my 2017 CC R-Line, however this Amazon page for the same part number says, "Not compatible with models that come equipped with HomeLink, Auto-Dimming or rain sensors".

So, does anybody have experience or informed opinions on how to retrofit the HomeLink capability into my '17 R-Line (which totally should have come stock with it)?
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