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Homelink Visors

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Hello All:
My 01.5 did not come with the Homelink Visors. I am wondering if these visors can be purchased from the dealer and installed myself. My main reason for asking is that it would be great to have the capability of sliding the visors out to block the sun. (I am fairly tall and have the seat most of the way back). The Homelink features are very secondary to me at this time because we have a carport, not a garage. VWGuild? Any ideas?
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Re: Homelink Visors (rkieffer)

If the car is wired and it probably is, it must not be too hard to install. I just had my second one installed. The first two went south and took out the fuse that controls most of the accessories. The first went out as I was taking her home from the dealor the first day. Now the second went out at 9000 miles. The tech said that the wire was being pinched. I hope that is all. BTW, after I got it back the second time the auto climate control head had to be replace. I think that they must have shorted it out durring the "diagosis."

01.5 glx varient

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Re: Homelink Visors (sniper5)

Hey! Copper...How you be?? You don't call; you don't write!!!!
Sadly...This is a Factory Installed option...And I would suspect that
changing out the existing sun visors would most probably not be doable,
but if possible, very expensive...
Give me a call...
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Re: Homelink Visors (rkieffer)

I'd hope you could find a visor extension for less than $300+.
Re: Homelink Visors (Electron Man)

Maybe it's possible to buy two passenger-side visors (i.e., no Homelink electronics) and put one on the driver's side. (I haven't checked to see if they're interchangeable, but it's at least possible that they are.) Worth checking into, anyway...
Re: Homelink Visors (Tox)

I read a thread on AudiWorld about someone that added the visor with Homelink to their A4 (from another A4 trim level, of course). Everything was contained in the visor and you just have to get power up to it. I believe the cost of the parts was $200 or $300.
Hmmmm, someone mentioned a pinched wire
Maybe that's why my Homelink is not working. When I slid the visor off to the side and extended it backwards, maybe I pulled something.
You ARE supposed to be able to extend it like that, right?? Maybe I'll take the visor off and see what I can see....
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