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Hey guys

Yesterday i received my notch-filler kit like on the picture below :

But i have some questions about it.
The middle part wasn't included, and when i emailed the seller he told me that it was a mistake at their website and that the piece is not available.

And i also have a problem with the biggest part.

So here are my questions :

1) I figured out that the lower-part is for filling the notch, but how is it suppose to be mounted? Do i need the middle part to attach it in it's place, or is it ment to be glued on there?

2) Where does the big (upper) part come? I figured out it has to cover the lock-mechanism, but no matter how many times i turn and flip the thing, there ain't a place that it will fit in .... :banghead:

3) Do i need the middle part for any reason?

4 ) Does anyone have a picture from the upper part in it's place?

Thanks in advance !

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So let me get this straight.. you bought an item which didnt come with the main part cuz they ripped you off .. and on top of that you bought them in bulk when they are for the MK4? LOL
Umm I wish I could find a big enough fail picture for what you just accomplished. :rolleyes:

He got the RIGHT parts, he DIDN'T get ripped off, and he got the MKV parts he needed.
He was just confused and thought he was missing a piece.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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