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Re: hood (steven12345)

Quote, originally posted by steven12345 »
im new to this fourm and im new to oweing a jetta so i have no idea where to find,or even start looking for parts for my jetta.... well anyway saw a hood on one that had the eyelids i guess built into the hood.....it hung over the headlights just bit, an it didnt have the little space for embelem. so my question is where could i find a hood like that as well as other VW jetta parts. such as HIDS that would allow me to use my high beams still, and just other stuff as well.

welcome to the tex... everyone has to start somewhere, but the search and the FAQ section will have all the most collective information about learning the ins and outs of your car.
the hood with the eyelids built in are called [boser] hoods, length of the "boser" depends solely up to either the manufacturer who produces these, or how deep the consumer wants to custom make it.
HIDs are for sale in the collective market place in the main vwvortex page OR in the mk4 parts classifieds section.
search will be your most effective key, but if you get lost, don't hesitate to IM someone who you think might have an idea - most Vortexers HATE on n00bs especially when they post up stuff that might be easily found through the FAQ or search since they are already proficient with the tools and assume and expect everyone else to have the same skill level. but if you corner one via IM, you have a better chance at finding what you are looking for. Good luck!
edit: oh yeah, don't get surprised or offended if your first post gets locked because you get more replies about using the search or FAQ... it happens to all of us n00bs at one point or another.

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