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hooking up auxiliary inputs

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Has anyone hooked up a mini-phono jack input to their stock or Monsoon HU? I wanted to plug in a iPod or my Powerbook ( to watch DVDs). Does anyone make a in-line harness? Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: hooking up auxiliary inputs (dice_y)

I guess I'll be the first to try it.
Re: hooking up auxiliary inputs (dice_y)

If the Monsoon has a line in it should be a piece of cake. I had 1/4" headphone jack wired to a switch blank in my car.

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Re: hooking up auxiliary inputs (HyKlas)

that is exactly what I want to do! I want to hook up my iPod to my Monsoon DD HU. In the manual they say that it is possible to hook up a cd changer to the new HU. Is there an adapter that you can plug into that instead of the cd changer??? for line in?
I am interested in doing the same thing...

...we need to get the pin-outs from the back of the stock head unit to see where the auxiliary line-in is. (for the optional CD changer.) Then all one would need to do is attach a cable with a stereo mini plug on the other end. I plan to run it into the armrest compartment, along with a power-FireWire cable. (Dr. Botts has a car adapter for the iPod that I plan to adapt for this.)
Let me know what you find out...
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