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hopefully checking out 87 16v rocco next weekend, anything to look for in particular?

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I found a rocco locally that seems to be a good buy.
good body, 16v, new parts, teardrops, lowered.
only bad thing is miles; 226,000, with the engine being rebuilt at 150,000 76,000 miles ago.)
I've been a rocco fan since i first saw one, but since never owning them (esp.16v), are there any things in particular to watch out for, listen for, inspect, etc?
thanks guys
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See if the timing belt has been replaced since the overhaul (needs it).
Find out what parts were used to lower it (no H&H springs).
A good look at engine compartment will tell you a lot. If there is oil everywhere, the oil filler cap probably leaks (I'm still cleaning up my mess).
Drive it.
Re: Re: (VWhombre)

tming belt was replaced with the engine rebuild
springs are sport techniques, ntohing great, but the stock springs come with the car, so if the ride sucks, the switcfh can be done.
Re: Re: (beernutdrums)

Needs a new timing belt - now. Have you done a visual inspection? It probably needs new ignition wires ($100+), the distributor may have a leaking oil seal (look for oil inside the cap)(~$200+), check the condition of the breather hose ($80), check the radiator hoses (top one is real pricey), make sure the heater fan works ($250 new). Bounce on the bumper to see if the shocks/struts are any good (replacement could cost anywhere from $300 up - more if you decide you want different springs). Those are some of the more expensive items. How much are they asking for the car? They're worth about $1K-$3K depending on condition.
Re: Re: (VWhombre)

asking 1800.
seen pics, checking it out this weekend.
engine bay is spotless, has new wires. we'll see when i get theree, keep ya posted.
Re: Re: (beernutdrums)

Good luck - don't buy rust...
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