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question that the repair manual only makes more confusing.
i noticed that the hose coming from the bypass tube to the emission control valve was really soft to i went and ordered a new one. i got the new hose today only one problem its the wrong. the old one is shorter and goes to a sensor that then goes to the bypass tube. the one i got would work if the sensor wasn't there. after looking through the repair manual i can only find two spots that truly identify that hose. (if you that the manual 24-30-1 and 24-90-2) on one there is a picture of the hose without the sensor and on the other it has a picture of the hose with the sensor. but i can't find what that sensor is or if i should just use the hose i got or take it back and get the correct one?
if anyone knows I do wonder what the difference is and why.
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