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The regular indiglos are annoying as hell. THey light up your whole interrior. Friend of mine had them on her civic... they looked best when dimmed so that they just look like white faced gauges with a little bit of back lighting.
Reverse indiglo looks cool, but I personally prefer the look of the gaugelights.com setup. Especially with orange needles http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: hot gauges.. for 2.0 (teknine)

Only ONE bidder and the first bid was $74.99 with no reservation
It had five days to go as well
Sounds fishy but I hate e-Screw-You-Over-Bay so maybe there's something I missed.
If they would make these for a fixed price and sell them thru a ligit after-market seller I'd buy them. But the only ones I've seen available are for Asain cars only.
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