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Hot passat! B3 VR6 cooling troubles

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I have a 93 GLX that I can't seem to cure the cooling problems. The car gets hot (230 degrees) in traffic or even at long lights and the fans don't come on. The strange thing is that the fans do come on when the car is shut off and the temp is above half way. The temp also goes down right away once the car is moving agian. I don't know if it's a t-stat because I have heat in the morning and the car runs at a normal temp at speed. Any suggestions??? I need help here. Oh, the car has a low temp fan switchwhich is brand new but did'nt cure the problem. Help Help!! Many thanks,
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Re: Hot passat! B3 VR6 cooling troubles (geofftii2002)

did you check all 3 fan speeds? my fan motor wouldnt work at speed 1 or 2, only 3, so it would rarely come on at all... give the fan some current for each speed, see if it turns.
Re: Hot passat! B3 VR6 cooling troubles (WannaCorrado)

We'll give that a shot! Thanks.
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